A Wisconsin native, Beth moved to Minnesota to study Conservation Biology at the U of M. She has traveled to Thailand to research Indochinese tiger conservation, and has worked at the Como Zoo with giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. While in Thailand, she had an elephant cross her path and was about 15 yards away from a tiger they were tracking! After working closely with the vets at school and the zoo, she decided she wanted to learn more about the medical side of animal care. That’s what brought her to Golden Valley and Greenbrier Animal Hospitals in the fall of 2018.

Beth loves everything having to do with the conservation and care for animals. Working at the zoo has allowed her to see that those animals are a big part of the community which inspires people to want to do more to help with conservation efforts both locally and globally. Working on the pet side of animal care has also opened her up to the relationship between pets and their caretakers; whether that be their family or their veterinarians. She has found that building connections with the pets and their people is the most rewarding part of her job.

Beth’s parents and three younger sisters still live in Wisconsin with the family dogs, Gambit and Milo. Gambit is a Puggle and they all agree he looks like a dog version of a loaf of bread! Milo is a Pitbull mix they recently adopted and loves stealing toys as well as stealing hearts. When Beth gets the chance to visit her family, she enjoys watching movies that star a young Harrison Ford with her Star Wars loving father.