We can bathe and brush your pet and send it home looking and smelling great. In between baths, we also provide nail trimming and anal gland expression services. For our patients who receive these treatments frequently, we offer the “Pampered Paw Punch card”; your card will be stamped each time your pet has its nails trimmed or anal glands emptied and the 10th treatment is free. Schedule your pet’s grooming service on a Tuesday and receive double the number of punches!

For more in-depth grooming and trimming, call us and we can help you find a local groomer that will take great care of your pet. Please schedule your pet’s grooming by appointment.

What Our Clients Say…

Greenbrier Animal Hospital is a wonderful pet clinic. I have worked with Dr. Leslie Goldblatt the most, but think highly of the other veterinarians and other staff at this clinic. They are all awesome and helped me immensely with two rescue kitties.

Dr. Judy Siems, Verified Google Review

I have two parrots I take to Greenbrier. The staff is always so helpful and great with my birds its amazing! I definitely would recommend them.

Jessica Sirois, Verified Google Review
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