Shannon started her professional journey working as a Home Health Aid and had started an educational path in Social Work. Her journey took a turn when she adopted an abandoned Husky a few years ago. The dog had been on the streets for some time, was very thin and very fearful. Shannon worked hard to get her back to a healthy weight and re-socialize her and it was through that experience that she decided that a change to a major in Animal Biology was necessary. Her passion for helping others led her to seek a job as a Veterinary Assistant and she began working for Greenbrier and Golden Valley Animal Hospitals in September 2018.

Shannon has really enjoyed getting hands-on experience with the animals since she has started working here. She has found that learning things in clinic rather than in a classroom setting has been very rewarding. She has a strong interest in the Fear Free initiative that our hospitals have been incorporating and looks forward to the future when all pets are happy to visit the vet.

Shannon grew up in Jefferson, IA and is the second of four children. All of the kids in her family inherited the “crazy dog lady gene” and they all own multiple dogs. Shannon, along with her husband, Jon and daughter currently have a Husky named Kiya and German Shepherd mix, Joss. Shannon enjoys hiking, traveling and listening to music in her free time.