TanyaPractice Manager and Certified Veterinary Technician
Tanya’s family always kept plenty of pets around while she was growing up; she cared for everything from dogs and cats to hamsters
JulesOffice Manager and Certified Veterinary Technician
Jules thinks of her career not as a job, but as a calling—working with animals is truly her passion! She serves as one of Golden Valley Animal…
StephanieLead Certified Veterinary Technician
Although she didn’t have many pets growing up, Stephanie always knew she wanted to work with animals for a career…
PattyVeterinary Technician
Patty knew from a very young age that she wanted to work with animals—in fact, she never..
BridgetCertified Veterinary Technician
Bridget was 12 years old when she got her first puppy, Sophie. When Sophie was diagnosed with a liver shunt…
StephenCertified Veterinary Technician
When Stephen made the decision to go back to school, his fiancé was the first to encourage him…
SarahCertified Veterinary Technician
Sarah has always had a love for animals and knew from a young age that Veterinary Medicine was her career field of choice…
JoAnneVeterinary Technician
JoAnne’s passion for pets goes back as far as she can remember. She’s always known she wanted to work…
RachelleVeterinary Technician
Rachelle has been a long-time client at Golden Valley and Greenbrier Animal Hospitals and has experienced our high quality care first-hand.
KateVeterinary Technician
Kate has had dogs around her since she was young. At the age of 21, she enlisted in the US Army and after…
Carly Veterinary Assistant
Carly’s own pets have helped her through plenty of hard times—she wanted to be able to give back…
ChilaVeterinary Assistant
Chila completed a course in Veterinary Assisting at Hennepin Techinical College and began…
EvettVeterinary Assistant
Evett has loved the idea of working hands-on with animals ever since she was young—she and her…
NathanVeterinary Assistant
Nathan’s love for animals was discovered after he got his first pet rabbit named Thomas. Nathan and Thomas spent hours…
ShannonVeterinary Assistant
Shannon started her professional journey working as a Home Health Aid and had started an educational path in Social Work…
BethVeterinary Assistant
A Wisconsin native, Beth moved to Minnesota to study Conservation Biology at the U of M. She has traveled to Thailand to research Indochinese tiger…
Hannah StockleinVeterinary Assistant
It was Hannah’s childhood rat that sparked her desire to help animals and their people. Sunny was very ill and the way the veterinary staff cared for both young Hannah and her rat has stuck with her through the years…
MaddieVeterinary Assistant
Growing up, Maddie always wanted pets and to be around animals. Whenever she saw a sick or injured animal, she felt a strong need to….
Paige ZemlaVeterinary Assistant
When Paige was a child, she had big aspirations to be an “animal babysitter” and to be able to take “pony lessons”. She was lucky enough to take English discipline…