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As a pet parent, you’ve got a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure that your little critter has food, shelter, exercise and plenty of TLC. You also have to choose a doctor that will care about your pet’s health just as much as you do. At Greenbrier Animal Hospital, our goal in everything we do is to improve and extend the lives of our patients. As such, we’ve developed a system of care that is both comprehensive and affordable, to meet all of your pet’s needs.

We start with a good foundation of preventive care, which is something we feel every pet deserves. For those instances when we cannot prevent illness or injury, we will be ready to assist with our medical, diagnostic or surgical services. We are equipped with modern tools and technology and can provide support for any health care need that may arise, including critical care. Our goal is to deliver the precise service or treatment your companion needs with each and every visit.

To complement our long list of veterinary services, we also offer a number of general pet care options from which to choose. Our pet boarding will be here when you need someone to care for your pet in your absence. Basic grooming is available to keep your loved one looking and feeling great. We have behavioral counseling services to get your pet’s bad habits under control. We even have a retail area where you can purchase quality pet care products. It’s everything you need in one convenient location!

Patients of Greenbrier Animal Hospital can enjoy access to any of the following services: